7 – 11 December 2022

registration and reservations:

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About the place, location, and directions

Somewhere in CASTILLA La Mancha…. Alcázar de San Juan is a municipality located in the northeast of Ciudad Real (SPAIN) province, in the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha. It is probably the birthplace of the famous author of Don Quixote (Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra). There are a lot of trains to get there from Madrid. Alcázar de San Juan’s train station is right next to the school (next to the station’s parking lot). Madrid-Atocha to Alcázar de San Juan takes 1.20 min by train.


Full price 5 days* €290

Price without food 5 days €235

*What does the full price include?

Access to the meeting

Breakfasts 8-11

Meals 8-11

Dinners 7-10

You can bring a mat/bag to sleep in one of the rooms…or be housed in a house of the volunteer network of Alcázar de San Juan (this distribution will depend on the order of registration)

registration and reservations:





the meeting wants to create a space for the practice of contact improvisation in which attention is focused on the relationships between bodies and space from a perspective that takes into account the somato-political dimension that any kind of relationship moves. Neither bodies nor spaces are neutral places, but are crossed by sociocultural dynamics that permeate our subjectivities. Setting up a laboratory where you can experiment, fumble, babble, speculate… contact-improvisation as a sensitive practice is part of what we have been investigating in the Holobiont Dimension for some time. In between the attempts and from the attempts we began by setting in motion the alchemy of the wordsssæææጭጭጯጴጶᎀᎆⶹꬤꬤⷝⷊ. Naming, putting into words, or putting on the «stage», the dance floor, issues that could otherwise go unnoticed, caused them to exist or become visible. Relating is making things happen (in both senses of the expression). The improvisation space understood as a place for welcoming the weirdest or twisted dances or movements ⤴⤵⤿ ଽ ጭጯጴጶᎀᎆⶹꬤꬤⷝⷊ collaborated in becoming a porous space for transformation.

we understand that metamorphoses and mutations require a lot of softness and smoothness. When a cicada breaks its previous structure, it needs a little while until it can move its new wings. This time is fraught with vulnerability. Our inc[v]itation is to participate-create-invent a soft and alchemical space for bodies that inhabit or enjoy mutations and contagions. A laboratory for the radical politics of the body, where all the bodies… crooked, undisciplined, disruptive, heretical, indefinite, doubtful, wobbly, tentacular, unmentionable, polymorphous, irregular, blurred, changing, desiring, dissident, insubordinate, porous, stammering, subordinates, infraordinaries, supertender, infraordinary, deviant, disoriented… are welcomed.

we will enjoy moving, dancing, talking, playing, eating, sleeping… mixed and mingled, because mixture, bastardism and assemblages are a necessary and desired condition for any fiction or speculative poetics.

SOME NOTES (footnotes or from the feet) + INTUITIVE +

about this collective meeting and cohabitation space…:

we can say that it is an [a]temporal, dyschronic and anachronistic experimental rambling, scribbled from the inc[v]itations, the jams and some surprises…at the same time it is potentially mutable insofar as its (d)structure is diverse and still unknown inhabited, with the chaotic-tasteful qualities of (wandering) trips to and from “not knowing” together.

on the inc[v]itation… this is an inc[v]itation to share twisted and singular gazes through contact improvisation and other becomings of bodies (more than human+s) in a relationship as intimate as the ones that each cell inhabits with its mates and neighbors, pure contact and movement, pure fluid exchange

[[to share: deep and variable listening to what is already inevitably moving from the magnetism that attracts us to immense bodies like Gaia’s, or others as tiny as the air molecules that breathe us ], or those that pass through our ears dragging sounds. to share conspiracies, inhalations, fictions, exhalations, weights, intuitions, stammers, flights, oscillations, gravities, consensus, dissent… epiphanies and other densities (((dicht-dichtung)))….



SHIFTING TO POEM susurrating a poem subsurrating … SUB …

on-SUB jams

no one can express themselves fully and totally when an established partial structure or a style is imposed on them. through attention (displaced intention), the holobiont body, as it is total, with all «that is» and all «that is not»: no favorite lines or angles, no limits, always alive and fresh. it is never set and is constantly changing. ——————- ৩৩

on-SUB surprise LOSING THE HUMAN FORM it will be a SURPRISE LOSING THE HUMAN FORM proposed by people who have been participating in the body of the holobiont for a long time

on the space and its dimensions ::::::::::: two large rooms, one with an 80 m² platform and the other with a 90 m² platform + more space around the floor, also suitable for dance.


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Escuela de Medicina Tradicional Oriental, MTC, Movimiento, Taichi, Qigong/ Centro de Terapias/ ONG

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